italian wedding videographer



Hi! I am Giuseppe Piserchia, I am an italian wedding videographer and I travel the world documenting the most beautiful love stories. I love to create an empathy with couples and to establish an important relationship with them. My videos reflect people’ memories and the emotional parts of their most important day: their wedding.

I learnt to realize videos as self-taught and for my experience it was very important my long stay in Berlin, but there is more.

I am a musician and I learnt to unite the music with imagines, realizing videos full of emotion.Since I was a child I thought that feelings and emotion are very important and in the last years I loved love: I intrested in young spouses. I am a storyteller: with my video I tell every particular moment, as a tender kiss, a gentle caress, a beautiful smile, a joyful look.

I also love travelling I am ready to know a lot of couples to tell their beautiful wedding and their magic moments throught my videos.


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